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As an exclusive benefit to members of our private community, Called Creatives Publishing gives you the opportunity to be in control of your writing career while leaning on the expertise of industry professionals. When you choose to partner with Called Creatives Publishing, you take the initiative to make your book a reality, but skip the frustration of having to figure out everything on your own.

Leverage our expertise. Control your future.

Our team of experienced professionals work with you through every step of the publishing process. From finalizing and formatting your manuscript, to designing your book cover, to overseeing print and distribution, we ensure your book meets industry standards while giving you the freedom to blaze your own trail as an author. 

Own your content. Don’t wait to be chosen.

For too long, women have waited, wished, and wondered when the book inside of them would see the light of day. Choose yourself, partner with us, and launch your book into the world!

What is Called Creatives?

Led by best-selling authors, speakers, and industry experts, Alli Worthington and Lisa Whittle, Called Creatives is a private coaching community with hands-on training for writing and speaking with influence and impact. In order to be eligible for consideration with Called Creatives Publishing, applicants must be current members of this community.

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M E E T   T H E   F O U N D E R S

When you choose to partner with Called Creatives Publishing, not only are you supported by our talented team of writers, designers, and publishing managers, but you also enjoy the benefit of strategic guidance from our founders, Alli and Lisa!


Best-selling Author of 4 books, Speaker, Business Coach, Host of The Alli Worthington Show, and Founder of The Coach School, and Co-Founder of Called Creatives.



Best-selling Author of 4 books, Speaker, Business Coach, Podcast Host of The Alli Worthington Show, and Founder of The Coach School, and Co-Founder of Called Creatives.

Best-selling Author of 8 books, Speaker, Bible Teacher, Podcast Host of Jesus Over Everything, Founder of Ministry Strong, and Co-Founder of Called Creatives.


Lisa Whittle: Best-selling Author of 8 books, Speaker, Bible Teacher, Podcast Host of Jesus over Everything, Founder of Ministry Strong, and Co-Founder of Called Creatives.


When we launched the Called Creatives community several years ago, it was born out of our shared desire to help women navigate the intricacies of the communication world. Through the live coaching sessions, training sessions, and interviews, it’s been our joy watching you progress in your book-writing journey, but we want to do more

With over 15 years of writing experience between us, we’ve maneuvered all the ins and outs of the publishing process and have a unique perspective on the industry. Through Called Creatives Publishing, we give women authors the tools and opportunity to publish their book with confidence but still remain in control of their content and royalties.  

By providing this partner publishing service to our community members, we look forward to helping many new authors (like you!) get published, get noticed, and get their message out into the world!

We can’t wait to work with you!

- Alli & Lisa

Why Choose Called Creatives Publishing? 

With a wide variety of publishing options available, determining which type is best for you and your book can be challenging. Self-publishing or traditional? Work with an agent, editor, or publisher? The options are endless and can be overwhelming at times.

The team at Called Creatives Publishing helps you focus on the writing while we focus on the details!

Benefits of Partnering with Called Creatives Publishing:

  • Ownership: Own the rights to your content – forever!
  • Profits: Keep all profits; We take no royalties!
  • Strategy: Consult with industry experts to shape your project.
  • Efficiency: Publish as soon as you’re ready – no red tape.
  • Support: Skip the stress of figuring it out on your own.
  • Quality: Publish with confidence, knowing our trusted team of designers and professional editors are committed to producing a book you’re proud of for years to come!
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I hear from so many women who feel called to write and publish a book but are stuck in their head and in the overwhelm of the details. By offering this partner publishing service to our members, we want to empower women to finally take action and to publish with confidence!” 

– Lisa Whittle

H O W  I T  W O R K S

The Production Process

  1. Goals: Consider your goals as an author and for this specific published work.
  2. Apply: Complete the application. Upon review, our team will respond with next steps.
  3. Submit: Provide a digital copy of your manuscript.
  1. Collaborate: Work with a dedicated project manager and our publishing team through the editing, design, and formatting of your book.
  2. Review: Receive a digital proof of your work, provide revisions as needed, and submit final approval for publishing.
  3. Schedule: Upon approval of manuscript and artwork, you’ll work the production team to set a release date for your book.
  1. Enjoy: The production team will send you a complimentary copy of your book to hold in hand! Enjoy the moment – you’re now a published author!
  2. Distribute: Upon retailer approval, your book will be distributed worldwide through popular retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.
  3. Promote: Using our proven templates, tools, and ongoing trainings in the Called Creatives community, you can now market your book with confidence!
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How do I know if Called Creatives Publishing is right for me?

→ Want to be in control of your content and the future of your writing career? 

→ Need accountability to finish your manuscript and finally publish?

→ Want to share your writing with friends, family, and the world?

→ Want to build your platform and credibility as a subject-matter expert?

→ Have a solid book concept but would like professional proofing?

→ Want a book cover you can be proud of?

→ Need your book published and distributed on all platforms?

→ Keep all your royalties and not share them with a publisher?

→ Want to publish your book as quickly as possible?

If you're cheering "YES!" – Called Creatives Publishing is for you!

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Publishing Services


  • Manuscript Editing & Finalization

  • Manuscript Formatting (for print distribution)
  • Book Cover Design (4 revisions)
  • Interior Page Design (illustrations not included)
  • Back Cover Design
  • Image insertion (25 images)
  • Complimentary Author Proof Copy
  • Social Media Starter Bundle (25 Graphics)
  • Book Strategy Session with Alli or Lisa (Two 45 min. sessions)
  • ISBN Assignment
  • Barnes & Noble “Read Instantly”
  • Amazon “Look Inside” and Google Preview
  • Worldwide Distribution
  • E-Book Format & Distribution
  • Softcover Format & Distribution
  • Hardcover Format & Distribution
  • Library of Congress Control Number
  • U.S. Copyright Registration
  • Media Highlight (Called Creatives Social Media)
  • Featured in Called Creatives Digital Bookstore
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Press Release Template
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“You no longer have to wait to be chosen for publishing. You can own and make an impact with your words. We will partner with you to help you share your book with the world.

– Alli Worthington

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