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18 Ways to Support Fellow Writers

As you work on growing your business, writing, or speaking career, there are numerous ways that you can invest in yourself. And one of the best ways to accelerate your growth is by intentionally giving back. Supporting other like-minded creatives is not just about networking; it's about understanding that what you do for others matters. And that type of backing will also be a massive benefit for you. 

Here are eighteen intentional ways you can support other writers, speakers, podcasters, and business leaders

1. Join Called Creatives: This is at the top of the list because one of the best ways to connect with like-minded creatives is to be where they are. Engaging in a community benefits your business and career, but it's also a great way to know who is running the same race as you. 

Mutual interests are narrowed down even further through specific training, mastermind groups, and paying attention to the faces you see on the monthly group coaching calls. You also have access to a job board that will let you know what other creatives have to offer and the projects they are working on. 

Joining Called Creatives is an easy way to show your support, with a considerable return as you grow within the community. 

2. Exchange tangible services: Are you good at something specific that another author may need for their business? And do they have the skillset that you've been looking for? Why not support each other by trading tangible goods and services? You don't need pockets to gain valuable help with your career. 

Trading services are the perfect way to get work done and support each other with authentic endorsements, reviews, and recommendations—without breaking the bank.

3. Join email lists: If you ask publishing houses and literary agents, growing an email list is one of the most critical parts of a book proposal. If you ask business leaders and other entrepreneurs, email marketing is one of the most vital parts of their strategy. Email lists fill up with people from your target population. 

If you think about social media as an ocean, email lists are the cozy aquarium or fish tank (depending on how you look at it) that house those interested in what you have to say. Joining another business owner's email list shows your support and allows you to gain growth in your email list through cross-promotion and your peers returning the favor.

4. Buy an author's book: Purchasing every product and book offered by your peer group may be more than your budget or time can handle. But consider the gifts you need to buy or the topics you've been researching. For example, instead of grabbing an item from a big box store, you could purchase something from a fellow entrepreneur that will make a meaningful gift.

Having a tangible product in your hand allows you to offer genuine support. 

5. Recommend a product: Another great way to help another move some merchandise is by making a recommendation. If you can't gift or give a product to someone else, you can recommend that productConnecting with target audiences is not always so simple, but you facilitate that by sharing with someone who needs exactly what your colleague offers.

6. Collaborate: Supporting another author or speaker is never one-sided. There is so much to gain as you give freely. Collaborating on a project is an incredible way to support fellow creatives and your passion project

Collaborative projects can include co-authored books, podcasts, online or in-person conferences, giveaways, product ideas, and more.

7. Recruit for your podcast: Do you know someone who just finished writing a book? If you require a podcast guest, a great way to support an author is to invite them to share on your podcast. You can tailor the questions to fit the theme of your show and your target audience. 

Interviewing another author is a great way to help spread the word about their release and to gain new listeners from a wider audience. 

8. Accept an invitation for a podcast: Or perhaps you know of someone who is trying to build their podcast and is looking for guests. Joining a podcast as a guest helps increase the podcaster's reach and spreads the word about what you have to offer. 

Even if you have few invitations, pitching yourself to podcasts within your network is excellent support. Unfortunately, many podcasters don't always know who to ask, so step up boldly and put yourself out there. 

9. Write a Guest Blog: Writing a guest post for a blog is an impactful way to support another creative. Consider what words you can share if there is a call for submissions. Not only does guest blogging give that website more content to work with, but get to share your words on another platform.

10. Repost on social media: Reposting content is one of the simplest ways to support a fellow entrepreneur. Was there a quote that encouraged you? Repost it. Is there a book you know your friends would want to read? Highlight it. Is there an event coming up that your audience would be interested in? Please share it. Not only will it show support for another person, but you never know who needs to hear about what you repost.

11. Attend their event: Speaking of events, never underestimate the power of your presence. There is tangible love and support felt in communities when members show up for each other. It may look like attending a Bible Study your friend is speaking at, helping another set up for a party, or bringing a group to the conference your mastermind member is organizing. 

If it is in your ability, budget, and interest, showing up for a fellow entrepreneur is an intentional investment into authentic connection.

12. Share with your email list: Email lists are another excellent way to show support to another writer, speaker, or author. No one wants to hear an awkward sales pitch, but those on your list want genuine insight about curated content that would interest them. When that includes sharing what another creator has to offer, it's a win all around. 

13. Facilitate a Connection: One of the best ways to walk through the door of a literary agency, publishing house, business meeting, or podcast opportunity is through relationships. Honoring friendships with others is very important, so connections should be facilitated with care and wisdom. 

But if you pay attention to the needs of those around you, you may be the perfect person to bridge that communication. For example, you may have a friend who is a literary agent looking for a specific topic. You may be a speaker at a conference, and the organizers are looking for other speaker ideas for the following year. 

If you know someone who writes or speaks in that area, that opportunity could be the open door those peers are looking for.

14. Give an endorsement: Endorsements are not just ad placement on social media or even the paragraphs written at the front of books. These types of endorsements are valuable, especially if you receive an endorsement request from a newer author. If you don't have the time or aren't the right fit, consider endorsing in other ways. 

  • As mentioned above, endorse another speaker to event organizers.
  • Share similar books to yours.
  • Write a positive review (more on that next)

15. Write a Review: Sharing positive reviews for books, podcasts, products, and even speaking engagements is a helpful way to support another creative. When potential clients and customers scan through various services, they consider more than just their needs. Those interested in a product also want to hear about others' experiences. 

An intentional way to support that entrepreneur is to leave a review after you have listened to their message, downloaded their podcast, read their book, or used their product. Honesty definitely matters, but save the negativity if something isn't a good fit. However, if you have something positive to share, do so in all the places that matter. For authors, reviews are especially important on:

  • Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers
  • Goodreads
  • Bookbub
  • Youtube
  • Your Blog

16. Share your resources: Do you know of a great editor that doesn't charge too much? Have you been listening to a podcast that has helped you improve your writing skills? Are you aware of the opportunity to partner publish through Called Creatives Publishing that a colleague needs for their manuscript? 

You may feel like you have little to give. But do a quick inventory of all the resources that have helped you along the way. These same tools may be just what another entrepreneur needs to excel in their business. Sharing this information opens the door for you to receive resource ideas and inspiration that take your career to the next level.

17. Give your time: Time is one of the resources we have the least of. But it only takes a few minutes to make an impact on a fellow creative. Bringing a tangible level of support can be as simple as answering a phone call, responding to an email, or setting up a twenty-minute zoom call to help answer questions on the process of writing a book.

Your insight and encouragement, no matter where you are on the journey, can be a huge blessing to a friend in need. If you have the right priorities, boundaries, and schedule in place, you may find a few moments in your week to give the time to a peer. Offering your time now will be a valuable asset for you later when you need a quick chat to bring clarity and encouragement to your direction.

18. Prayer: Praying over others is something you can do without restriction. The support someone else needs may not be so visible. An issue within their family, work, or environment may be affecting progress in their passion project. You never know how timely your prayers can be. 

What are some ways YOU have supported another creative in your life? The simplest actions can have a profound impact on the work and well-being of another entrepreneur. 

One beautiful way to support a like-minded woman is to give the gift of community through a Called Creatives membership. Founded by Lisa Whittle and Alli Worthington, Called Creatives is a community of women encouraging each other in business, ministry, publishing, and more. Do you have a friend who needs a group like Called Creatives in her life? Consider gifting her a membership. With training, networking, live coaching, mastermind groups, and more available, it is the perfect environment for called, creative women to flourish.

We hope these tips help you make the best decisions for your career! 

At Called Creatives our desire is to help women like you write and speak with influence and impact. Join us for access to additional topics, exclusive training and connection opportunities. Our content is specifically cultivated to help you succeed in whatever form your calling takes. 

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