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7 Benefits of Publishing Your Book with Called Creatives Publishing

7 Benefits of Publishing your book with Called Creatives Publishing

 Do you have a book burning inside of you that you are ready to get out to the world? Then the time is now for you to move forward with that dream. Publishing your message will open up doors for you in multiple areas, increasing your platform reach and influence. It is a great way to get booked to speak, receive invitations for podcasts and provide an alternate stream of income.

Publishing your book is also a valuable form of legacy building. But did you know that even with a high percentage of people wanting to write a book, only 2% actually do? Despite the obstacles that may try to stand in your way, you can be among that 2%. 

Engaging in the publishing process may seem daunting but it is more than doable. Time to shake off imposter-syndrome and believe in your ability to finish what's in your heart to start. You've got the goods to bring that dream to life. And Called Creatives has the perfect way to make it happen.  

You can publish your book in a supportive environment that keeps your interests at the center.

What is Called Creatives?

Founded by best-selling authors and seasoned speakers and podcasters, Alli Worthington and Lisa Whittle, Called Creatives is an online coaching community to help women get booked to speak, get published, and get connected through network and community. Monthly inclusive training, interviews with top industry professionals, live 90-minute coaching, and small group masterminds are among the incredible features the Called Creatives community offers.  

High-value for a low-cost is what Alli and Lisa have always sought to provide for writers, speakers, podcasters, and creative entrepreneurs. They know the ins and outs of the publishing industry and freely share their insider resources. The no-competition sisterhood is truly felt in the spirit of support and camaraderie among the community members.

Joining Called Creatives for these reasons alone, is worth the financial investment. But if that wasn’t reason enough, enter Called Creatives Publishing.

Which Publishing Avenue is Right for You? 

With the launch of Called Creatives Publishing, every aspiring author can have their chance to share their story with the world.

Yes, you! You don't have to take months to figure out how to publish, spend money on software with a high learning curve, or shop your manuscript to multiple agents and publishers. That manuscript you feel called to write—and have worked so hard on—can be published with professionalism and excellence. 

There are many options to choose from as you consider how to publish your book. Traditional publishers, self-publishing companies, hybrid publishers, and DIY self-publishing are all viable options with their own set of pros, cons, and processes to complete. But no matter your goals, Called Creatives Publishing has the answer you've been looking for. Read on to find out why you should partner with Called Creatives to publish your book.

Why Called Creatives Publishing?

There are 7 key Benefits of Partnering with Called Creatives Publishing:

1. OWNERSHIP: Own the rights to your content – forever! With traditional publishing and some hybrid publishers, once a contract is signed, you don't own the rights to your work. Even though you are the author, you won't have the ability to share your work without permission. 

A traditional publisher also can publish your work in multiple formats and countries with or without your approval. For example, if you want to keep control over your content, you may not want to take that traditional route. Instead, publishing with Called Creatives retains the ownership in your hands—giving you the freedom to share your work the way you want to.

2. PROFITS: Keep all profits; Called Creatives Publishing takes no royalties! Earning back your royalties is a massive benefit of publishing with Called Creatives. It is also a most unique and generous partnership. With most traditional contracts giving you only 10 to 15 percent of royalties once your advance earns out, it will be much harder to see a profit if you go a different route.

Because of the investment made on the front end of the process, Called Creatives Publishing allows you to keep all your profits. There will be no middle parties taking a chunk of your earnings. Working with Called Creatives Publishing sets you up for a more significant return on your initial investment than most other partner/hybrid publishers.

3. STRATEGY: Consult with industry experts to shape your project. Marketing and promotion is an essential part of preparing to publish your book. A strategic game plan for your book will ensure that it launches with the best chance for success. Launching a book in today's book retail industry can be challenging without industry insight. Founders Alli Worthington and Lisa Whittle take the time to advise every single project that is released through Called Creatives Publishing. 

This does not have to be the case with your project. With an experienced team at the helm, Called Creatives Publishing can give relevant and current insight into the best way to form and release your book into the world.

4. AFFORDABILITY: Get access to expertise without the hefty price tag. Some hybrid publishers can charge $10,000 to $20,000 to publish your book. Even then, you may have very little control or say in the final book design. With this expensive price tag, earning that investment back may be impossible without specific support.

You could spend thousands of dollars if you decide to walk through the publishing process on your own by completely self-publishing. The cost of hiring professionals to edit your manuscript, format your book, design your cover, proofread, and more can add up quickly.

Called Creatives Publishing includes all these details and more in each package. Called Creatives Publishing is your one-stop shop with affordable package prices and price-less convenience. 

5. EFFICIENCY: Publish as soon as you're ready—no red tape. Publishing traditionally can often take 18 to 24 months. When you have a project you are eager to release, this delay may feel disappointing. Traditional publishing is notoriously slower than publishing independently, and for a good reason. Multiple authors are vying for a spot on a publisher's often limited roster.

When you partner with Called Creatives, you can have your manuscript published in as little as three months. The release time will depend on your readiness instead of an uncontrollable launch schedule. 

6. SUPPORT: Skip the stress of figuring it out on your own. Publishing can sometimes feel like a long and lonely process with the number of details needed to navigate. Called Creatives is already a place geared toward cultivating community connection and support. This benefit, along with the specific guidance of the CC publishing team, will give you the support you need to publish your book with confidence. 

7. QUALITY: Publish with confidence, knowing our trusted team of designers and professional editors are committed to producing a book you're proud of for years to come! No more cheesy covers or poorly designed interiors. Called Creatives Publishing will consult with you on the best design for your book. 

Partnering with Called Creatives ensures a professional product representing you and Called Creatives with excellence. 

Exciting Next Steps to Get You Published

Do you have a book idea you've been working on but didn't know if you had what it took to publish? Or did the thought of navigating the various publishing options feel confusing and leave you overwhelmed?

Called Creatives is the perfect community to join to learn more about the writing and publishing process. And with Called Creatives Publishing only available to members, there is no better time than now to join. Being a part of the Called Creatives community gives you access to the resources you need to prepare your manuscript and publish your book successfully.

The Called Creatives community is a smart place for women like you, who are doing their best to steward their call towards business, ministry, publishing, and more. And now, with the newly launched Called Creatives Publishing, members can make their publishing dreams a tangible reality. 

Called Creatives provides curated resources to help you succeed in your publishing path. With topics covering multiple aspects relevant to professional writers and speakers, joining called creatives has the goods to equip you for your writing career for the long haul.

Because that is what we are after—lasting influence that grows from authentic relationships.

Here are just a few examples of available training that continues to grow every week:

  •     10 Things Publishers Want You to Know
  •     How to Write a Killer Book Proposal
  •     5 Tips to a Bestseller
  •     The Secrets of a Great Website
  •     Organizing Your Thoughts Before You Write

When you become a Called Creatives Member, these writer-focused training videos and so much more, are available to you. A Called Creatives membership also gives you access to a monthly live coaching call with founders Alli Worthington and Lisa Whittle, best-selling authors and speakers

This more extensive group coaching time allows members to troubleshoot problem areas, getting expert advice in real-time. No question is off limits. And no issue is insignificant. 

There are also insider interviews that give behind-the-scenes looks at the lives of professionals in their industry settings. It doesn't matter if you are an upcoming speaker, trying to publish a book, or need encouragement in your ministry role. 

These unique training segments are a great way to learn more about the publishing process. Your writing career will be much stronger as you apply the lessons learned from professionals in the publishing industry.

In addition to all this taking place within a private community, there are opportunities for in-person connection. For example, with memorable Called Creative Getaways planned each year, members can connect on a deeper level around specialized training focusing on writers like you.

There is much to gain from joining this intentional community of like-minded women. Called Creatives is the perfect place to receive specialized coaching within a community ready to cheer you on every step of the way. 

Click here to find out more about Called Creatives publishing. 

There is no better time to join than now. Our content is specifically cultivated to help you succeed in your writing journey and to publish your book.

We hope these tips help you make the best decisions for your career! 

At Called Creatives our desire is to help women like you write and speak with influence and impact. Join us for access to additional topics, exclusive training and connection opportunities. Our content is specifically cultivated to help you succeed in whatever form your calling takes. 

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