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20 Reasons Why You Need a Mastermind Group

20 Reasons Why You Need a Mastermind Group 

Have you started working towards your passion project but are unsure of the next step? Joining a community of other writers and speakers through a mastermind group can give you the inspiration you need to move forward. Although it's tempting to work on your own or google your way out of feeling stuck, here are twenty reasons why you need to join a mastermind group—or what we at Called Creatives know fondly as Collectives.

  1. Connection: You don't have to launch your career or ministry alone—no matter how unique it is. It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new podcast, publishing a book, or embarking on a speaking career. 

Connecting with others with the same goals and interests is a huge benefit to your passion project.

  1. Inspiration: You may feel stuck at a specific part of your process. Maybe you are struggling with writer's block or need help figuring out the must-have equipment for a podcast. Your moment of breakthrough could be just one membership away.

Being in a mastermind group can help jumpstart your creativity and give you a behind-the-scenes look at someone else's journey

  1. Critique: When it comes to releasing a project for mass consumption, critique is a critical part. Mastermind groups allow critiques to take place in a safe environment. Fellow members will see weaknesses in a manuscript, graphic design, or business plan that you overlooked. 

Getting your work critiqued will save you tons of time (and peace of mind) as you work.

  1. Collaboration: Recruiting guests for your podcast? Need a speaker for your event? Or maybe you're writing a devotional that needs multiple co-authors? Look no further than your mastermind group. There is always the opportunity to develop and implement projects through the combined efforts of members. 

A mastermind group is a great place to launch from and multiply your promotional efforts.

  1. Networking: When you consider how challenging it can be to build a platform, a mastermind group is a simple way to get started. Each member of the group represents hundreds or thousands of people who could be the target audience you need. This type of collaboration will take you farther than if you were going alone. 

Joining a mastermind group helps in the building of your online platform. 

  1. Mentorship: Apprenticeship in a particular field is a valuable part of the learning process. But many of us don't have access to follow in the footsteps of successful business or ministry leaders. A mastermind allows you to follow the journey of others who've had similar experiences. 

Learning from a group member who is  just a little further along the path of what you want to do can be a significant—and many times more relatable— source of help. Peer-to-peer mentoring makes mastermind groups a valuable investment.

  1. Decision Making: Have you struggled with having enough information to make a decision? The beauty of a mastermind group is that you can glean from the experiences of others. Other members may have great advice to share regarding their business decisions and experiences. 

With the intimate setting of a small group, you will not only learn the what, but you'll hear the why and how that can guide you in your planning.

  1. ROI (Return on investment): Because time and money are limited, it's essential to consider what will give you the best return on your investment. There are various systems, software packages, and equipment that are a necessary part of your launch. 

But one of the best investments in your writing and speaking career is joining a mastermind group like the one offered by Called Creatives. By multiplying your efforts, a mastermind group brings tangible returns on your investment of time and money. 

  1. Discipline & Accountability: As crucial as inspiration is, discipline helps us move our careers forward with consistency. Joining and faithfully engaging with a mastermind group is a part of that practice.Fellow mastermind members will also keep you accountable to your writing and speaking goals. 

This type of group coaching is just what you need to keep going for the long haul.

  1. Consistent Feedback: Our online-focused world can often feel isolating, and it can be easy to believe our own press. Or we may deal with imposter syndrome and allow insecurity to talk us out of putting our project out there. Being a part of a mastermind will enable you to receive consistent feedback in a safe environment.
  2. Opportunities: Involvement in a mastermind group can open doors to more opportunities. Your next writing project, speaking gig, or podcast guest could be as simple as the person on the zoom call next to you.
  3. Brainstorming: Lasting ideas are developed and nurtured in team environments. In mastermind groups of various kinds, competition is discouraged because members understand that inspiring each other is a mutual benefit. Book chapter outlines, podcast topics, email content ideas, and more can get brainstormed within a mastermind group.
  4. Focus: Joining with others headed in the same or similar direction gives your project a more focused target. Even if every other time of the week is filled with various responsibilities, the time you set aside to meet with a mastermind group will help you zero in on your goal. You can even glean new habits from your mastermind community that will help you increase your efficiency.
  5. Convenience: With Zoom and other online video companies on the rise, it's easier than ever to connect with like-minded women. Meeting with others doesn't have to be complicated or determined by your location. You can make a massive investment into your project as you meet from the comfort of your home.
  6. Resource/Software Ideas: Is there technology that feels a bit over your head? Are you wondering if you should choose Convert Kit vs. MailChimp to build your email list? A new, creative way to work with Canva or discovering a better podcast mic could be a game changer for your project. 

Instead of paying a chunk of money for training, you can get hands-on information from your fellow members. A mastermind group is full of people who utilize various systems to get the job done.  

  1. Mental Health: Need help with those pesky feelings of insecurity? Sometimes it's hard to define what's going on in your head as thoughts bounce around. A mastermind group allows you to share those thoughts with your fellow members. 

Just the simple act of speaking out can give you the clarity you need to continue well. Fellow group members could also share resources that can help build your confidence.

  1. Beta Readers: Concerning feedback, a mastermind group can be your first line of defense as you prepare to publish your manuscript or start your podcast. Many professionals in these industries take advantage of beta readers or testers—outside voices in their target audience that can give good feedback. 

Fellow mastermind members can serve as a willing pool of beta readers or listeners and as starting candidates for a successful book or podcast launch.

  1. Portfolio & Resume: Involvement in a mastermind like the Called Creatives Collectives equips you in your career and looks good on your resumes and proposals. Publishing houses, agents, and event organizers want to see the depth of your network. 

A well-respected mastermind coaching group is an endorsement in itself and shows those decision-makers that you are intentionally investing in your career.

  1. Growth: You don't know what you don't know. The best leaders are always those who know there is still so much to learn. This posture keeps us flexible and open to new methods that can help the message get out. Joining a mastermind group is a great way to remain teachable.
  2. Celebration: There is no better celebration than what comes from those who are aware of what it takes to launch a project into the world? Many people don't know what's behind the curtain of the publishing or speaking process. But your mastermind group knows that even a tiny step forward is a big deal.

Fellow members realize the struggle of the publishing process or how challenging  it can be to book speaking engagements. They are the ones who will affirm and celebrate every career victory.  

Have you considered joining a mastermind group but didn't feel confident enough to take the leap? Called Creatives is the perfect place to join. Competition and comparison are thrown out the window in favor of connection, collaboration and celebration. 

This community is a safe place for women like you, who are doing their best to steward their call towards business, ministry, publishing, and more. Book ideas have developed, manuscripts written and published, and lasting friendships have formed from the overflow of the Called Creatives version of masterminds, known as Collectives.

With intentional online meetings between a small number of women, joining a collective through the Called Creatives online community can be life-changing. You will receive consistent feedback, accountability, brainstorming, prayer, and more. For faith-based entrepreneurs, we know that our struggle is not just on a physical or even mental level. 

A faith-based mastermind group like the Called Creatives Collectives brings support on all levels. Praying over specific needs with a heart of understanding is a priceless part of our mastermind groups. This significant aspect is just the beginning of what is available through a Called Creatives membership. 

Being a part of this community gives you the opportunity to receive training, tools, and industry insights that you can discuss further within the smaller setting of your mastermind group. Called Creatives provides resources specifically curated to help you succeed in your path of choice. 

With topics covering multiple aspects relevant to professional writers and speakers, joining called creatives has the goods to equip you to influence for the long haul. Because that is what we are after—lasting influence that grows from authentic relationships.

Here are just a few examples of available training that continues to grow every week:

  • 10 Things Publishers Want You to Know
  • How to Write a Killer Book Proposal
  • How to Get More Speaking Opportunities
  • The Secrets of a Great Website
  • How to Start a Podcast 

A Called Creatives membership also gives you access to a monthly live coaching call with founders Alli Worthington and Lisa Whittle, best-selling authors and speakers. This more extensive group coaching time allows members to troubleshoot problem areas, getting expert advice in real-time. No question is off limits. And no issue is insignificant. 

There are also insider interviews that give behind-the-scenes looks at the lives of professionals in their industry settings. It doesn't matter if you are an itinerant speaker, trying to publish a book, or need encouragement in your ministry role.

In addition to all this taking place within a private community, there are also opportunities for in person connection. For example, with memorable Called Creative Getaways planned each year, members can connect on a deeper level around specialized training.

And with the newly announced Called Creatives Publishing, your dream to publish your book can become a tangible reality.  

There is so much to gain from joining this intentional community of like-minded women. Called Creatives is the perfect place to receive specialized coaching within a community ready to cheer you on every step of the way. 

 There is no better time to join than now.  

 Do you need connections with other women who are developing their writing and speaking careers? At Called Creatives, we help women like you write and speak with influence and impact. Join us for access to additional topics, exclusive training, and connection opportunities. Our content is specifically cultivated to help you succeed in whatever form your calling takes. 


We hope these tips help you make the best decisions for your career! 

At Called Creatives our desire is to help women like you write and speak with influence and impact. Join us for access to additional topics, exclusive training and connection opportunities. Our content is specifically cultivated to help you succeed in whatever form your calling takes. 

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