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35 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book

Have you ever picked up a book and wondered if you could do something like that? Even if you've never wanted to write a book, there may be other valuable reasons to work on a manuscript. Books can be something other than academic, informational, or entertaining to have an impact. The reason you start working on a book project may be simpler and more practical than you think. 

Read on for 35 reasons why YOU should write a book.

  1. You should write a book to leave a legacy: What kind of impact do you want to leave behind? This reason is at the top because it should be a big motivation for any project you pursue. A book is a powerful way to show others who you are and something tangible to leave behind for your family. 
  2. You should write a book to share your message: Is there a message burning in your heart that you need to communicate? A book allows you to share and expand on the burning words in your heart. As discussed in the legacy portion, writing a book helps you convey your beliefs through your words.
  3. You should write a book because you are full of stories: Are you one of those who hear a dialogue between characters in your mind or get inspired by minuscule circumstances? Then you probably should be writing a book because you have so many stories to tell. If there is a plot idea that you can't get away from, right now is the perfect time to start writing scenes out.
  4. You should write a book as a form of therapy: When we walk through intense circumstances in our lives, we need a way to process our experiences. Writing that journey out in book form is an effective way to unpack and bring healing to places we may not realize. Many books are written to encourage others, but writing a book to encourage ourselves is priceless. 
  5. You should write a book to gather recipes: Books can be more than just narrative in nature. Recipes are an excellent and beneficial reason to write a book. Sharing this content with others is another way to leave a legacy. It also can extend your brand's reach if that applies to you. Here are some areas where a recipe book would be beneficial.
    1. As an ancillary product to an exercise, health, or wellness group.
    2. Highlighting the popular recipes passed down in your family.
    3. Gathering the historical significance of food from your culture of origin.
    4. Creating a recipe anthology that features recipes from members of your group.
  6. You should write a book to encourage journaling: Have you ever wanted to put tools in the hands of others to write their own words down? Maybe the book you create has few words, but its purpose is to give journaling prompts for readers to write. This kind of book can be produced in a low-content format or as a more robust devotional journal.
  7. You should write a book because you blog consistently: If you blog consistently, you already have a book at your fingertips. The content you produce on your website is the perfect beginning of a book manuscript. Think about the themes or messages that resonate most with your readers. Those posts can be organized, edited, and formatted into a book that will have even more reach. 
  8. You should write a book because you’ve been asked to: You may have a literary editor or agent reach out to you because of your platform, influence, or your expertise in an area. If you are approached about writing a book, this means that your message meets a need in the market
  9. You should write a book because you work in the educational system: As a teacher, you may not desire to write a book in the academic realm. If you do, that's great! But creating a book may be as simple as creating something you know will help other teachers like you. And that book project can be short. You could write a book about best practices for teaching a specific subject or grade level. You could create a low-content book that helps with lesson plans, crafts, or activity ideas. Or you have the heart to write a devotional book targeting teachers and the issues they face.
  10. You should write a book because you are a Sunday school teacher/Small Group Leader: The curriculum you share in your Sunday school class or small group setting doesn't just have to come from an established curriculum. You may want to break down a particular Biblical topic that has yet to be covered. Or, if an issue needs to be addressed further, you could have the expertise required to write out the study. Like the blog writers, if you have loads of teachings that you wrote and taught yourself, a book is a great way to pass that training on to others. 
  11. You should write a book if you are a health and wellness expert: Just like the recipe book, a health and wellness guide can give your clients a tangible way to continue their health journey. This type of guide may look like a journal or planner that helps people track their goals. Or you can use your experience and knowledge to create a more informative book that shifts mindsets around health. 
  12. You should write a book to impact your speaking career: Writing a book is beneficial in multiple ways when it comes to speaking. Writing a book helps hone the consistent message you share and provides opportunities to receive speaking invitations. It also allows the listener to dig deeper into your message when they buy your book. Additionally, many speakers form new books around consistent messages by transcribing those words into their manuscripts. 
  13. You should write a book to gain an additional income stream: Writing and publishing may not make you rich overnight, but you don't have to make the New York Times bestsellers list to make income from books. Publishing a book can earn you advances and royalties if you go the traditional route. You can make a more significant cut per book if you publish independently. 
  14. You should write a book to create a curriculum: Whether you are a teacher or business leader, writing a curriculum to use in your area of leadership is a great use of your writing skills. Instead of files full of individual lessons, you can write a book that holds your core knowledge base in one place.
  15. You should practice publishing by starting with low content books: A great way to practice publishing, is by releasing low-content books. Low-content books have little written words and can be published through print-on-demand services like Amazon KDP. These make excellent gift books, journals, and even planners that contain inspirational content. 
  16. You should write a book because you are skilled at design: Maybe the book you need to write is less about the words and more about the visual content. If you work in fashion or design, a book containing examples from your portfolio and relevant text can be a great way to boost your business. 
  17. You should write a book because you are a business leader: There are tricks of the trade that you are ready to pass on to your peers and upcoming leaders. Why not gather those incredible thoughts and strategies into a book that moves you from a business leader to a thought leader?
  18. You should write a book if you’ve dreamed of being a children's author: Is there a fun concept you would love to share or a message that would apply to young ones? A great way to get that into children's hands is to write a book on children's level
  19. You should write a book because you can illustrate:  If you are skilled in illustration or graphic design, consider a different type of book to publish. Coloring books are still popular because they can be simple images for toddlers to scribble or devotional coloring books that are therapeutic in nature. Coloring books are also great ancillary projects to a main book. Additionally, you can earn a significant side income by illustrating other author’s books.
  20. You should write a book because you love to write: As mentioned before, writing can be therapeutic and healing. And it doesn't have to be about processing something traumatic. It may be for the simple pleasure of putting pen to paper. And this joy of just writing for writing's sake can lead to something you never imagined you could release. 
  21. You should write a book if writing is your creative/artistic outlet: Writing should not be underestimated as an artistic pursuit. Consider the most remarkable stories, novels, non-fiction, and poems you've read. And let's not forget the movies, tv shows, and plays that were birthed out of the written word. By writing your book, you can paint your words on the minds and hearts of readers. 
  22. You should write a book to put your messages in print: Even if you are a communicator who has never wanted to publish, writing a book should be considered. Putting your messages in a bound print form helps ensure the longevity of your words.
  23. You should write a book to increase your skills: Like any activity or sport, writing has a learning curve that never ends. But that type of challenge is beneficial because your writing skills will increase the more reps you take. Perfection doesn't even have to happen at the beginning. Books form in the 3rd or 4th draft. It may take the 3rd or 4th book for you to narrow in on your writing voice. So keep writing. 
  24. You should write a book to build your platform reach: Although books are written for a particular target audience, you never know where you book will ultimately land. Writing a book establishes your expertise, shares your experience, and points back to you. This process is especially relevant when you publish independently. You can use the space in the backmatter of your formatted book to advertise your website, social media links, and other contact points.
  25. You should write a book to increase speaking engagements: One of the best ways to receive speaking invitations is by having a published book. Event organizers are always looking for speakers who reflect their theme or have a message they want to share with attendees. Publishing a book allows others to know you and your message.
  26. You should write a book if you need a tangible product: Books are a valuable part of merchandising. You can't enter the home of everyone in your target audience, but your book can. It's the perfect way for others to take home your message for themselves and others. If you are booked to speak at an event, you want to take advantage of the opportunity for attendees to purchase your book.
  27. You should write a book to establish expertise: There is a lot of research that often goes into book writing. The deep dive you take into your topic helps you become an expert. When you invest in writing a book with a strong foundation, others will trust your voice when they look for someone to speak into relatable situations, seasons, and organizations. 
  28. You should write a book to cultivate a business opportunity: If you can organize your thoughts into book form, you can also write a business plan. You may not be writing to be an entrepreneur, but you never know what ancillary products can develop from the content you share. Additionally, creating an LLC is a smart move to cover your growing author business if you plan to publish more than one book.
  29. You should write a book because you want to encourage others: Are you someone who always has the right words to say in person and through your various streams of influence? If others already look to you for advice, why not simplify your process by writing a book that contains your most impactful words? You never know who will be encouraged by the written words you release.
  30. You should write a book to challenge yourself: If lifting weights helps build your physical muscles, pushing yourself to write will stretch you emotionally, spiritually, creatively, and mentally. You can bring this challenge on at any time, but one of the best months to jump in is in November. Why? Because November is National Novel Writing Month. You may not be working on a fiction book, but numerous resources are in place during that month to support you. 
  31. You should write a book to fill a void in the market: Have you ever been on the hunt for a specific type of book but couldn't find exactly what you were looking for? Or have you heard others express a need you know is not being met in current works? You may be the one to help meet that problem in your sphere of influence by writing a book that helps answer those questions
  32. You should write a book because it is attainable: Many people have stopped writing because they felt like publishing was impossible. But there are numerous options for writers to use to publish their books. The traditional publishing route is no longer the only path to take. With opportunities like Called Creative's Publishing, seeing your manuscript in book form is more attainable than you think. For more information about Called Creatives Publishing, check out this article: 7 Benefits of Publishing Your Books with Called Creatives Publishing.
  33. You should write a book because reading is convenient: With the acceleration of kindle and other e-readers, there is more access to books than ever before. Writing a book doesn't mean you have to publish it in print form. You can format your manuscript as an ebook with low upfront costs and minimal wait time for release. You can also record your manuscript to publish it as an audiobook that is listened to on the go.
  34. You should write a book because you are called to write: Is writing something you can't get out of your mind or heart? Then it's probably because it's what you were made to do. If you know writing is part of your divine purpose, don't let anything stop you from pursuing that art form. 
  35. You should write a book out of obedience to God: This one is probably the most simple reason for women who feel called to write. If you know that the Lord has asked you to write, you can trust that he will walk with you through that process. Say yes and see what begins to unfold. 

So, what reason motivates you the most to bring your writing dreams into reality? If you are still on the fence about your call to write or need more resources to help you on the journey, Called Creatives has just what you need to write and publish successfully.

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